Super Pro ET – This class consists of dragsters, altereds, street roadsters and full bodied vehicles. These vehicles travel the 1/8 mile in just under 8 seconds at 90 MPH to vehicles that can go from 0 to over 150 MPH in just over 4 seconds.

Top Dragster – These are quickest and fastest ET bracket vehicles in the nation. This class can travel the 1/8 mile in just under 5 seconds and can be as quick as 150 MPH in 4 seconds.

Top Sportsman – These are the quickest and fastest full bodied ET bracket cars you will ever see on the track. This is the class that Pro Mods evolved from back in the early 90’s. This class runs off a dial your own ET format that ranges from just over 5 seconds and can be as quick as just under 4.5 seconds in the 1/8 mile.

5.99 Door – Are full bodied doorslammers that run the 1/8 mile in 5.99 seconds or quicker. Many of these cars are full fledged Top Sportsman cars, but some of them could easily be put back on the street with a few minor changes.

6.00 Heads Up – This fan favorite showcases full bodied cars; the majority of them are 60’s muscle cars. Most run the 1/8 mile on small tires with nitrous and leave the starting line off a 4/10ths pro tree on a 6.00 Heads Up index.

ET Motorcycle – This class features everything from totally stock street bikes to the all out 4 second drag bikes. These bikes race off a 5/10ths Full Tree dial your own ET format.

6.00 Bike – The 6.00 bikes race under the same format as the Heads Up 6.00 4/10ths pro tree index. This class can complete a run on one tire with the front tire never touching the ground until the rider releases the throttle.

JR Dragster – These half scale dragsters are meant to be an entry level class for young racers. This class allows young racers between the ages of 8 & 18 to compete in cars that match their racing ability.